I have been helping clients for many years, and they are my number one priority. The most important part of finding the right space is finding the perfect fit to suit your needs.

That is why the first step to finding the right property is to arrange a meeting to address all of your needs and requirements. Even if you are not exactly sure what your needs are, I can help you work through the questions you need to be asking yourself. I want you to find a property that will help your business thrive now, and for many years to come.

Some of the requirements you want to think about for any commercial real estate property:

  • Location: It would help to start narrowing down your search to a smaller list of possible locations. There are simply too many properties to choose from otherwise. I know Toronto inside and out, and with my expertise I can help you find properties in areas you may not have even considered. Oftentimes, people ignore areas simply because they just do not know enough about them. I can help bridge that gap with the necessary expertise.
  • Budget: Narrowing down how much you are willing to spend is another important decision to make and allows you to use your time more wisely when looking at properties within your budget.
  • Size and Type of Property: This is another important decision that many of my clients struggle to make. It is easy enough to know whether you are looking for office space, retail space or some other type of property. But knowing how big a space your business will need in a few years is much more difficult. I can help you find a property that is the right size yet still offers room to grow.

After I meet with you, the next step is for me to do the legwork, networking with landlords and other contacts to find potential properties so I can provide you with a list of options to discuss. I narrow down the search for you, to save you the time and hassle of sorting through hundreds of listings that may or may not be what you are looking for.

Once I have found the perfect property, I will take care of all the negotiations always putting your best interests first. This includes lease terms, rental rates, renewal/expansion options, space modifications and much more. I have contacts in all related areas to help you as needed, including lawyers, architects, contractors, designers, and insurance brokers. My goal is to make buying, selling or leasing a commercial property as easy as possible. The ultimate compliment comes from the referrals and repeat business from my clients.